Room Promotion (Wheeler Bed & Bike)

September 27, 2018


Enjoy everyday of your holiday at Wheeler Bed & Bike with “Happy Ride Package”. Stay on Sunday - Thursday and get up to 60% room discount everyday with food and beverage voucher worth 400 Baht to use at Denim Dining X90s Bar, Above A Bar and To Die For Coffee from today – 30 June, 2019

Room Type

Package Price (Room+Food & Beverage Coupon 400 Baht)

Biker Bed 2,300 Baht (normally 4,708 Baht)
Bunk Bed 2,300 Baht (normally 4,708 Baht)
Rider Bed 2,800 Baht (normally 5,885 Baht)
Extra Bed 800 Baht (normally 1,000 Baht)

  • For 7 days advanced booking only.

  • Service is available Suday-Thureday except long weekend and public holiday.

  • Limit to 3 rooms per booking with no limit to number of nights stay at the hotel (guests must make payment 5-7 days in advance)

  • Complimentary coupon cannot be exchanged for cash or if the value is less no change will be given

  • Food & Beverage Coupon valued at 400 Baht (2X 200 Baht Coupon) can only be used at Denim Dining X 90s Bar ,Above A Bar and To Die For Coffee, and will be expired on check-out day.

  • Conditions are as specified by the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to change any promotion conditions without prior notice.

  • For further information or reservations please contact 038-191-928 or 095-165-8821